This week's top trending videos including the return of the lip dub!

If you were like me, this week basically consisted of discussing the awesomeness that was THE AVENGERS (I’m convinced Joss Whedon incepted me with that film) and if not then listening to the Beastie Boys in memory of Adam Yauch. That said, the Internet viral machine continued its job and here are five videos that made the rounds this week.

5. You may mock it but ultimate frisbee (yes, it’s a sport you jerk) got some love from the powers that be who decide what video to make viral that week. If you think it doesn’t require athleticism to play this game then just watch this terrific catch by Brent Anderson in the end zone. Try that next time you and your buddy toss around a disc in Central Park.

4. Remember lip dubs? Videos of people lip synching to a song were once all the rage online. Maybe it’ll get a resurgence after this new fun video of these two six-year-old friends singing along to Goyte’s “Somebody that I used to Know.” From the description it explains, “When they were riding in the car together, they would request it constantly and loved singing it. We joked about making a video for the song and the children loved the idea.” I’ve always said that I’m so glad YouTube didn’t exist when I was younger because god knows I did not need the awkwardness of my youth forever digitally immortalized and instantly shareable. Of course if I was as cool as these two kids (which I was not), I’d want that moment captured forever.

3. Last week I declared a moratorium on film supercuts after someone put together one devoted to Val Kilmer removing his glasses. Well, this week I’m going to make an exception for this supercut which highlights the over-usage of the “three-point landing” in cinema, including the new Avengers film which is utterly forgivable because those superheroes look cool as hell landing in that stance. I wish my arrival in meetings at the office were like that.

2. This stop-motion video of a fight with Gundam and a guest star made me go “WHOA” like Keanu Reeves in BILL & TED and in THE MATRIX. The attention to detail is phenomenal.

1. Usually each week a video of a cute pet, a cat or dog, doing something randomly adorable makes this list of videos that went viral. Nothing’s different this week, except instead of a furry four legged creature we have an amorphous creature of the deep sea that moved like it belonged in a lava lamp. It had the Internets abuzz asking “ALIEN?!!?!?!” The crowds at Reddit eventually figured out that it is a Deepstaria enigmatica (a jelly fish) after initially thinking it was a “whale’s placenta” (two words that I thought I would never type).

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