Now Playing on Sundance Channel: Sex served three ways

This week you’ve got a choice. Do you want your sex served up David Lynch style, erotic shaman style or Michael Fassbender style? And because we love you, you can pick one or take them all. Plus, Claire Danes rocks some Thai prison chic for the 90s fans out there.

A lot of you are total David Lynch freaks, so you’ve probably watched BLUE VELVET before. But, have you ever watched BLUE VELVET with Robert Redford? Probably not:

Now is your chance! Don’t miss out. He’ll bring the knowledge if you bring the popcorn.
BLUE VELVET Saturday at 8P

Perhaps you like your sex a bit more straightforward? Well, we’ve got a doc that takes a look at the life of an actual “sex shaman.” Yes, Dez is a ritual sex healer. But, what happens when a man whose life work is having sex with thousands of partners falls in love with one woman?

SEX MAGIC, MANIFESTING MAYA is both a critical look at polyamorous life of “sex magic” practitioners and a (sort of) lost love story.
SEX MAGIC, MANIFESTING MAYA Saturday at midnight

After she was Angela Chase, but before she was a bipolar CIA officer on Homeland, Claire Danes was Alice Marano in BROKEDOWN PALACE:

And the fact that this film co-stars Kate Beckinsale should help it win “most 1999 film of 1999″. Anyway, Claire Danes ends up in a Thai prison for drug smuggling and it doesn’t look fun. So, BROKEDOWN PALACE goes on my list of movies that remind you that traveling to Thailand might be a bad idea. Especially if there are Australians involved.

Every Wednesday deserves a good period piece and we’ve got ANGEL, the story of a young lady from a good family who fancies herself a writer:

But, the film is perhaps most notable to some of you for an early appearance by Michael “hung like a golf club” Fassbender.
ANGEL Wednesday at 8P