People can't seem to stop remaking CARRIE

“They’re all gonna laugh at…who?

There are some truly horrid things out there that just won’t die. One is the soon-to-be-remade (again!) CARRIE, Stephen King’s exceptionally underrated debut novel (if this were required reading in every American high school, there would probably be no ‘bullying crisis’) and the brilliant 1976 Brian de Palma screen adaptation with Sissy Spacek, masseur-loving John Travolta and Piper Laurie. Laurie, it’s worth noting, made the honorable mentions in our Top 10 Mothers In Legendary Films list for Mother’s Day—and come to think of it, she deserved her own maniacal place in the list itself for this Oscar-nominated role.

Now, Julianne Moore is slated to fill Laurie’s shoes as the insanely saintly Margaret White, in a remake that is about as welcome as the last remake starring Moore, i.e. Gus van Sant’s rather pointless PSYCHO from 1998. The question on our minds is, why in the world remake this film? Have the filmmakers failed to note the dreadful fate of not one, but two abortive attempts to successfully bring Carrie to the New York stage?

Granted, it’s slightly (OK, more than slightly) interesting to note the director of this next CARRIEKimberly Pierce, of fiercely feminist fare like the Academy Award-winning BOYS DON’T CRY. It will be worthwhile to see what she can do with the story of a meek but very ‘special’ (read: dangerously telekinetic) girl who goes snap at the high school prom after some blood-curdling ridicule. Expected to take on the role of Carrie White herself is none other than the busiest little actress working in Hollywood today, Chloë Grace Moretz (30 Rock , DARK SHADOWS)–if you don’t believe us, check her IMDB page. And Ms. Moore has surprised audiences in the past, faring relatively well in nearly impossible tasks (example: she was far from the worst part of SILENCE OF THE LAMBS follow-up HANNIBAL as Clarice Starling).

So…maybe this remake will be worth watching. There, we said it.