Karl Lagerfeld's next gig: Taking on Queen Elizabeth

Karl Lagerfeld has decided that he is done entertaining the masses with his brand of elitism and Teutonic quips in printed news. It’s time he go for the jugular. And why not, what other lines are left for him to cross? So when France’s state channel asked him to return as a guest commentator covering Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee (celebrating sixty years on the throne) he gladly accepted. Please keep Sunday, June 3 open. You wont want to miss this.

Karl’s ability to deliver brutally honest, if not scathing, accounts of culture and its movers and shakers is well known and documented. Where his irreverence is completely appreciated on the runway (we refer to his critically heralded resort line for Chanel earlier this year), off the catwalk it has caused him some problems. There was the Adele issue many of us would like to forget ever happened. Besides that he has always had a couple of spirited feuds, the most notable being with Yves Saint Laurent. And if the British royals along with the rest of the ruling class decide to wear contentious outfits in a public forum, we may as well defer to Monsieur Lagerfeld’s accredited observations.

I’m sure Herr Karl will be gracious towards the Queen on Sunday, it’s her court members who should be mindful. We’re hoping for their sake that all desires to express themselves through radical millinery are curtailed. However as Karl stated himself, “I can make jokes, and jokes of the lowest kind are not against my mentality.”

Not long ago it would have seemed unimaginable to think of Herr Karl voicing his opinions beyond a coterie of trusted friends. We preferred to think that Joan Rivers still ruled over that world with a bawdy fist, and that she could look forward to a comfortable retirement—though that kitten always seems to land on her feet somehow. And with the advent of the golden rule in social media (that being “anything goes”), television commentating can look forward to a healthy dose of quick witted, acerbic, thoughts from the doyen of fashion. Here’s hoping Prince Harry gets engaged sooner than later.