In other Phoenix sibling news: Check out River (RIP) in DARK BLOOD

When I watched that trailer for THE MASTER I thought, “You make a movie with the Phoenix you have, not the Phoenix you want” (just kidding, Joaquin…you’re great). And then, lo and behold, /Film has a little story on the effort to finish DARK BLOOD, the film River Phoenix was working on when he died of a drug overdose back in 1993. Now, as a child of the 80s, I’ve always held onto fond memories of the eldest Phoenix kid (I mean, Joaquin was just that moody masturbator in PARENTHOOD…and wasn’t his name Leaf, anyway?). So it was exciting to see Dutch director George Sluizer (THE VANISHING) trot out his DARK BLOOD footage and talk about paying tribute to River:

Sluizer is trying to crowdsource the €15,000 he needs to finish the project through the Dutch site CineCrowd. That doesn’t seem like enough money to hire Leonardo DiCaprio and pump him with some botox to shoot a couple of scenes, but I hope it all works out.

Sheesh, remember when Johnny Depp owned the Viper Room and it was THE hotspot in Hollywood? Even after River Phoenix died there? Times certainly have changed. I guess all the action is at the Chateau Marmont and we’re just waiting for the latest in Lindsay Lohan antics.