He’s gay enough for me

That the POTUS took a position on gay marriage, which led Andrew Sullivan to write something that I agreed with—for a change—is nothing short of a gay miracle. Joe Biden’s accidental outing of President Obama’s position on the subject has stirred the pot right on the (high) heels of North Carolina becoming the thirtieth state to ban gay marriage.

(image via Newsweek)

There’s been a lot of speculation about whether Obama was really planning on speaking in favor of all tax paying citizens to have the right to marry whomever they were in love with, as a symbol of their commitment to each other, and not as a subversive plot to drive up the mortgage rates of honest heterosexual couples. Because let’s face it, we are known for revitalizing dilapidated neighborhoods to their original glory, and for introducing the general public to a proper Tea Dance. Some say he was planning on coming out on The View, or at a point later in his reelection bid. But now that the cat is out of the bag it seems most, if not all, of the left can look at the president they elected with 20/20 clarity.

For a man who is the product of an interracial couple, was raised in a multi-cultural environment, has chosen to anchor his adult life in a rather Black American style (ciao Michelle), the position did seem dubious. But as Sullivan pointed out, Obama’s journey to becoming the man, and president, he is today draws a parallel to the gay experience LGBTQ people confront. We are tasked with tempering the estrangement we felt in youth with the socialized beings we choose to become.

In reality, mon petite Bam was sure to speak out on the subject at some point in this election. He is about to engage in the most expensive election race we have ever seen in this country, and one in six of his donors are homosexual. Did anyone else catch that anecdote in the Times article where the gay couple donated ten thousand dollars within minutes of hearing the President’s interview with sports enthusiast (wink wink) Robin Roberts? They were so inspired, the two men diverted their course from Key West to find an Internet café and contribute online, before resuming course… to Key West. So yeah, it was likely Obama was going to have to evolve his position on the subject sooner or later.

It doesn’t hurt that good ol’ Mitt is in favor of a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriages. Oh, and that he bullied a suspected gay teen in high school to prove how straight he was. Cute, Mittens.

Besides, in a cheeky way, Bill Clinton stole some of Obama’s thunder after Toni Morrison dubbed him America’s first Black President. At least now President Obama can be the first for someone else’s American and political identity. Let’s just hope he doesn’t save Planned Parenthood in his next term all by himself. I mean, Hillary would just roll over and bark.