Green jobs: not just some commie plot

Want to summarize the case for green jobs in one word? How about “Solyndra?” The fledgling solar company took $535 million of government loan guarantees (read “taxpayers’ money”) down with it when it went bankrupt last year. Even if the government thinks green jobs are a nifty idea, the market doesn’t… right?

That’s what many right-wingers, and their favorite media outlets, would have you believe: “green jobs” is just another term for “government boondoggle,” or “communist plot” (yeah, I know – I thought communism was so 1950s -who knew?). So, they just love the Solyndra story, because, in their minds, it proves their perception just as “Climategate” did for global warming. Don’t bring up the fact that Solyndra likely failed because the Chinese subsidize their solar industry much more heavily: that doesn’t fit the narrative.

Unfortunately, progressives haven’t done a whole lot to challenge this narrative (again, like Climategate), even though success stories of green jobs created through public-private partnerships are ripe for the picking. The Center for American Progress Action Fund (the publisher of ThinkProgress) has decided to change that, and the mini-documentary above, “The Truth about Clean Energy Jobs,” provides a case study of how green jobs legislation in Massachusetts has led to creation of 64,000 jobs in the state’s clean energy sector. These aren’t just make-work jobs, but companies and positions adding value to the Massachusetts economy.

Take a look at the video – it’s just over 6 minutes – and let us know what you think. What other success stories are out there that allow us to challenge the “green jobs are bad” story being pressed by the right?

Via ThinkProgress and @alannogee


Image credit: Screen capture from “The Truth about Clean Energy Jobs”