Cruise Control 2013: What they're wearing in Cannes

How does one get to Cannes, Marseilles, or Moncaco? By yacht, of course. For the vast majority of people, this is a lofty prospect. But for the select few with the means (private jet, Maserati, large boat), the appropriate fashion is paramount. Fortunately there are visionaries in the world that still cater to the one percent of beautiful people in need of haute couture resort wear. Visionaries like Karl Lagerfeld, who seems to be getting more and more boisterous as he enters the new decade (shredding his more austere front), and Thomas Maier—who is still a fan of the quiet approach. While all eyes are on the Cannes, let’s take a peek at some of the fashions that will be all the planet’s most glamorous beaches over the next few months.

Under the watchful eye of Thomas Maier, Bottega Venetta continues to provide its clients with an understated sense of luxury. This season’s color palette carried a muted note in the air, evoking a nostalgic celebration of color blocking, along with floral and geometric prints that chose to use shades of blue, peach, green, as an accent in the patters, instead of being the main attraction. Evening gowns with an empire waist and one-piece swimsuits in olive green turned luxury into an almost quotidian affair.

At the house of Etro, their celebration of erratic paisleys prints is alive and well. Taking the shape of tunics tops cut on a bias and paired with white pants that sober up the ethnic patterns gracing every inch of silk chiffon the house can find. With Etro, it’s just another in paradise. They make it all to easy to harbor jealous feelings.

And finally at Chanel, the Kaiser declared war against the establishment, once again. Stressing that the couture collection was Coco rock, not rococo, Karl focused on the aristocratic elements of Eighteenth Century Versailles. Women on yachts and helicopters everywhere will no doubt have their ruffles blowing in the wind. Think Marie Antoinette at CBGB’s with a dash of M.I.A. rebellion and you’ll understand why Chanel’s business is still growing in a tenuous economy.

So when the red carpets are rolled up in Cannes, and the Hollywood money returns to… Hollywood, the Riviera’s international set will once again frolic in the days, and burn up the nights. Just like in the movies.

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