Cinemagrams: make artsy or creepy gifs with your iPhone

One of my favorite apps in the past couple months for my iPhone has been (FYI: This is not a plug!). It’s an obvious derivative inspired by both Instagram and artsy gif images or “cinemagraphs,” which I’ve previously blogged about here, that have proliferated all over the Internet. However, as these 20 examples collected by BuzzFeed demonstrates, it’s a pretty fun app. Here are a few that I’ve made in the past.

Speaking of being inspired by Instagram and in this next example, The Impossible Project, here’s something designed by Antonio Pedrosa which merges these two trendy products into what he calls the “Instagram Socialmatic Camera.” If your name is Mark Zuckerberg and you’re reading this right now (very likely, I know), put away your checkbook for now. Currently this camera exists in concept only. However, at the rate that Instagram has expanded, I wouldn’t be too surprised to see Pedrosa’s idea come to fruition somehow.

While waiting for this camera, if you’re looking for a web-based way of browsing your Instagram photos, then check out, which was born from a wild one-night stand between Pinterest, the popular social media network du jour and Instagram.