Change some lives and learn some stuff…with a click

Which is cooler? Changing the lives of at-risk kids through filmmaking or historical preservation via video? Trick question! They’re both awesome. And totally amplified by ReelWorks. Their Teen Filmmaking program recently got together with Partners in Preservation and American Express to make videos of 16 historic sites around New York City. The videos are pretty interesting on their own, but you can help Reel Works get $10,000 and change more lives with just one click. You like helping kids, right? Over the next five days, American Express will donate $1 for every “like” the videos get on Facebook and YouTube. Here is what you need to do:

  • Watch the videos on YouTube and click “like” ‘em.
  • Check out Reel Work’s Facebook page and “like” one of the Partners in Preservation posts.
  • Watch some awesome videos about places like the Apollo Theater, Woodlawn Cemetery and the Alice Austen house (did you know some lady lives there rent free?).