Breaking down bisexual celebs: From Anna Paquin to Amber Rose

Everywhere you go it seems there’s another beautiful young celebrity declaring her (yes, it is almost always her) sexual orientation as something other than straight, which is fine. If you attended college you’re probably familiar with attractive people announcing their equal opportunity status. Though sometimes you can’t help but feel like it’s just a great sound bite celebrities offer right around the release date of an impending project. However, if more bisexuals were as vocal as Anna Paquin there’d be less doubt on the matter. Which, to be honest, is only news because they volunteer this information. Anna says she’s bi, is only seen dating men, is now having a child, but is not straight. I believe her, but let’s do a quick roundup of our sexually fluid stars and see which of them practice what they preach.

Margaret Cho: She’s always been a friend of the community and has dated both genders, but recently it seems she’s more into publicly breaking down as many barriers as she can with one quote. Cho loves transgender people and actively dates them, and since she clearly doesn’t believe in the two-party gender system (who does?), the comedian and woman about town cheekily describes herself as tri-sexual. Three’s company.

Lady Gaga: Says she’s bisexual. OK, whatever, I mean… no I don’t. I mean whatever.

Thomas Jane: The star of cable television’s Hung has admitted to having more than one sexual encounter with men when he was younger. He even went as far as to allude to prostitution down in Santa Monica when he was a starving young artist, but as he got older he chose to be straight. We’re sure there are more than enough young men out there who would enjoy the chance to see if they couldn’t rekindle any of the old feelings inside him. It should also be noted, Anne Heche plays his ex-wife on the series. That set is getting way too disco.

Azealia Banks: Independent Hip Hop darling and the fashion crowd’s latest obsession, Azealia has not been shy about her bisexuality at all. Considering the content of her break out hit—where a Parisian woman she meets engages in cunnilingus with her—she would be foolish not to be bisexual. It should also be noted that this writer’s lesbian friend used to date one of Azealia’s older sisters, and watched the young woman grow up. She confirms her sexual orientation. Thanks, Joy!

Amber Rose: From Kanye West to Wiz Khalifa, to bitchy twitter wars with Kim K., the self-promoting eccentric with a backside that wont quit seems to be rather candid about her fluid sexuality. She can fall in love with men or women, regardless of race or ethnicity, even weight. The former stripper-model cum recording artist has us convinced that she really does fall in love with the person, not the gender. So long as that person is loaded.