This week's top trending videos starring a bike riding dog and the Staples Center

With summer here, it means the bicycle season is in full swing. I’ve actually been surprised by the number of friends and acquaintances I have who never quite mastered the art of riding a bike. If you’re reading this and still apprehensive of bicycling, then I suggest you watch the number five video below as a source of encouragement.

5. Never once in my life have I wondered to myself “What does a dog riding a bike look like?” Apparently I should be more introspective because it looks freaking sweet as evidenced by the dog “Norman” in this video. Let’s see Lassie do this.

4. I knew Formula 1 racing cars were fast, but I didn’t know that they could also carry a tune better than this tone-deaf blogger. As the video description explains, “Renault Formula One engineers connected a computer to the engine after the car had come back from running up the hill. This is one of several ‘songs’ the engine can perform by varying the fuel input and engine RPM.” You lost me after “fuel input,” but it is rather impressive. Do your coworkers a favor if you plan to watch this at work: turn up your speakers on full blast before clicking “play.”

3. I highly recommend watching this video if you have a great fear of heights. You’ll thank me later and by thank, I mean curse me out. This 18-year-old Russian kid “Raskalovit” has been posting videos of him and friends climbing some insane urban heights. In their latest, they tackle the Bridge to Russky Island. The views are spectacular. Too bad they got arrested for it. Fortunately, bridge climbing only carries a $10 fine in Russia, while disagreeing with Putin will cost you a lifetime in the gulag!

2. With three different Los Angeles teams, playing two different sports, in the playoffs this past week, the Staples Center certainly got a workout. The Clippers, Lakers and Kings (they’re a hockey team, duh) played a total of six playoff games in a span of four days. Here’s a time lapse video of the stadium crew breaking down and preparing the stadium for each bout. I’m not going to complain so much the next time I decide to clean my apartment.

1. The number one video this week was posted back in April, but it finally got the attention of the Internets this week and the fascination with which we became fixated on it makes me think we really aren’t all that evolved. I never found a slinky to be all that interesting as a toy, but a slinky on a treadmill and set to epic dramatic music? Based on this video, I am sold!