AVENGERS as high art, runway fashion and some stuff for the rest of us

THE AVENGERS became a bonafide hit after making over $200 million over the past weekend and in the process setting a record for the biggest opening before adjusting for inflation. That’s some serious “geek” spending power right there. I’m happy for director Joss Whedon and after the success of this film the (Skrull filled) sky is the limit for him. The pop culture impact this film is having can be seen across multiple sandboxes in the web as a point of reference ranging from The Economist to Botticelli. Or rather with apologies to Botticelli, Julian Totino Tedesco created the above Avengers-themed illustration inspired by the master painter’s “The Birth of Venus.” Tedesco’s painting was one of many by various artists commissioned by Marvel to create Avengers covers in the style of famous paintings and genres. If Seurat were alive today and an Avengers fanboy he might’ve painted something like this.

Also influenced by the Marvel family of superheroes is Australian designer Romance Was Born who introduced a line of clothing that’s going to look amazing on everyone and by everyone I mean tall, thin models with penetrating but empty stares:

For the rest of us schlubs get on board with an Aquaman hoodie. If fashion or art isn’t your thing, then check out this Iron Man helmet speed drawing on an old school 1984 Macintosh (Aw, how retro-ly quaint) or these USB sticks (Hulk fist. Me like.).