Now playing on Sundance Channel: Art heists and deadly midterms

Let’s watch a movie! What are you in the mood for? Asian horror? A big heist? A road movie? What about a quirky indie? You don’t have to make up your mind just yet, since we’ve got a bit of everything for you this week. So, fire up your DVR and decide between Nick Nolte and Michelle Williams. Don’t worry, unlike some of our subjects, you won’t get killed if anybody makes the wrong choice.

It’s a heist film set in Monte Carlo, sure. But, it is Thursday and you’ve just fallen back in love with your air conditioner. So, join Nick Nolte (at his near best, according to the critics), and a surprising turn from Ralph Fiennes, for some popcorn and THE GOOD THIEF:

THE GOOD THIEF Tonight at 9P

When May and June roll around I always notice the really haggard students on the subway. You can always tell who just sat through a hellish final exam or handed in a 20-pager on Philip Larkin. But, as brutal as my exams were, they were nothing compared to the midterms these South Korean students had to deal with:

That’s right…one student gets off’d, in true Asian horror style, for every wrong answer. It’s almost as horrifying as not getting into Harvard!
DEATH BELL Tonight at 11P

This week, the man in charge would like to direct your attention to the 2008 indie WENDY AND LUCY. Michelle Williams stars in this road story directed by the insanely awesome Kelly Reichardt (who also worked with Williams on MEEK’S CUTOFF). But, enough from me. I’ll turn it over to Mr. Redford for more on why you should tune in:

Hit the open roads of the Pacific Northwest with Michelle Williams…and celebrate the best in indie cinema with Mr. Redford.
WENDY AND LUCY Saturday at 8P

This week’s Official Selection comes from the 2006 Sundance Film Festival. WRISTCUTTERS: A LOVE STORY follows one lovelorn dude from breakup to suicide to some sort of quirky, suicide purgatory where nobody can smile. It’s a unique take on the (non) afterlife, but the real draw has to be a great supporting cast of indie superstars, including Will Arnett, John Hawkes (THE SURROGATE) and Tom Waits.