Green tech finds: the app-a-palooza edition

Planning to do some biking and walking in London, and want to get rewarded? Or spending time in Cambodia, and want to report illegal wildlife sales? We’ve got apps for that.

Track your self-righteousness: Just in case you don’t feel superior enough by toting a reusable water bottle, the 999Bottle comes with its own app for tracking the amount of plastic water bottles you don’t use.

Living deliberately – through a video game: That’s right – developers are working on a video game of Thoreau’s Walden. The National Endowment for the Arts has kicked in $40,000 for this experiment in irony. (via Grist)

Chop up your compostables: Yes, smaller pieces of organic material compost quicker; no, you don’t want to chop up your trash by hand. The Green Cycler is a Mouli for your wastes: it chops and shreds kitchen wastes with a hand crank. (via Earth Techling)

The upcycled chicken coop: Got wooden pallets and beer cans laying around? You’re part way to a new chicken coop built from reused materials.

Get paid to bike: Well, not exactly, but the re:route app, created by RecycleBank, rewards users for biking and walking. Available only for London right now (in time for the Olympics), the app shows the best routes for getting to your destination by foot or bike.

The solar bike trailer: Want to bike more, but really need to use that travel time to charge up your phone? German cyclist Rudi (no last name given) created a solar trailer for the biker that needs his/her gadgets working. (via Planetsave)

Fight illegal wildlife trading with your iPhone: The new Wildlife Watch Cambodia app not only provides information about illegal species trading in Southeast Asia, but also provides the tools you need to report such activity should you see it on a stroll through Phnom Penh.

Find something else cool in the world of green technology? Share it with us in the comments.


Image credit: Screen capture from 999Bottle video