A sex toy sitcom

Okay, this is the weirdest thing we’ve come across in a while: a low-budget, home-made, episodic sitcom about a family of sex toys. It’s called “The Dildos” — there’s the gynecologist father, the domestic goddess mother, the teenage son JD (Junior Dildo), the younger twin sisters (a double-ended dildo), and the dog (a vibrating bullet). There’s even a catchy theme song! The main storyline revolves around JD’s apparently scandalous taste in girlfriends: cucumbers, carrots, bananas, etc.  We don’t what’s more disturbing — the fact that these are all talking dildos or that a lot of the jokes revolve around sexism and racism. We’re guessing it’s a throwback to the unenlightened sitcoms of 30 years ago when sexism and racism were hilarious — but that doesn’t exactly make it easy to laugh at. You won’t watch for the groan-inducing puns, you’ll watch for the crystal clear realization of how this recession has given some people way too much free time.