America has a great history of road movies. We’ve been able really corner the market because, well…we have more roads, but also because our culture puts a premium on finding oneself. And there is no better way of “figuring your shit out” than going on a long road trip. These sorts of films usually end up featuring an awesome twosome (THELMA AND LOUISE), because watching one person drive around the USA can be pretty boring. But, in SMALL, BEAUTIFULLY MOVING PARTS, while we’ve got an awesome twosome, we only really see one road-tripper. She just happens to be pregnant with her co-pilot.

SUNfiltered tagged along on the film’s production, which was contained in one minivan as it crisscrossed the American West. We’re talking microbudget, here. But, despite the small cast, small crew and small bank account, directors Annie J. Howell and Lisa Robinson managed to make a film that fits a lot into a tidy package.

MOVING PARTS follows “freelance technologist” Sarah on a search to find her mother, who has disappeared off-the-grid (on purpose…it’s not a mystery). It’s a quest that dovetails nicely into Sarah’s own process of coming to terms with becoming a mom. And, trust, becoming a mom in this day and age is weird. Everyone keeps telling you it’s the most natural thing in the world. But, when the word we’re comfortable in has become anything but “natural” it’s hard to tap into what’s supposed to be hard-wired. Ahem, maybe that’s just me (and MOVING PARTS’ Sarah).

SMALL, BEAUTIFULLY MOVING PARTS debuted at SXSW, where it won the Alfred P. Sloan Feature Film Prize. If you’re in NYC you can see it right now at Cinema Village. If not, check out the film’s website for more opening dates.