Peek into your favorite author's bedroom

Apartment Therapy put together this neat photo gallery of the bedrooms of 15 noted authors from Ernest Hemingway to Victor Hugo, whose room is particularly striking with its dark red embossed walls and decor. Pictured above is the rather austere space of Emily Dickinson, reflecting her reclusive lifestyle, and the tiny table where she wrote her poems. There’s a quiet beauty to it, but best expressed via this meme, I can’t help but ask:

As a side note, despite her solitary and withdrawn tendencies, she was an avid baker who made many references to it in her correspondence and would also generously lower baskets filled with delicious cakes from her window to crowds of expectant children below on the street. If you’re so inclined to give it a shot, NPR has one of her recipes for a coconut cake (photo of the original below).

However, while we’re on the topic of poetry, I just learned that there is a poetry library and museum in New York City called Poets House. I love this question and answer found in their FAQ:

Why is there no apostrophe on Poets in the name Poets House?

According to co-founder poet Stanley Kunitz, “some things must never be possessed but shared.”

And some things must be possessed and never shared, like ice cream sandwiches.