Whither art thou, Agent Cooper?

Twin Peaks left its audience with many more questions than it answered. That’s probably why, every year, a new generation of college students commit to watching the entire series (I don’t think that happens with Murphy Brown). It has also left one Brooklyn artist, Michelle Levy, Searching for Agent C. So, it is only fitting that we cap off our week of Twin Peaks haikus and David Lynch backyard BBQs checking out the hunt for our favorite FBI Special Agent. Warning, if you’ve never made it to the end of the series you may find some spoilers below!

Levy is searching for the real, authentic Agent Cooper. The one who Lynch left trapped in another realm at the end of Twin Peaks (I warned you).

I watched the show straight through, only to discover for myself at that very last moment on screen that the unimaginable did happen (I had been warned). My heart felt a true and painful fracture that had been amplified tenfold by a marketing strategy. Alas, too much time had passed, nothing could be done, and I was left inconsolable…
until now.

So, she decided to try and find him.

Maybe the real Cooper has been lost all these years and we still might find him… this is, of course, impossible… but is it? What if Agent Cooper started making appearances today? And what if these appearances mean he needs to tell us something? My question of late is, what if we could really communicate with Agent Cooper? Now?

Levy’s search for Dale Cooper plays out through a mixture of performance and printed artifacts from her quest. She explains further in the video below, shot at a recent show/attempt to contact him:

Michelle Levy -The Search for Agent C (3:43) from Amanda Bauer on Vimeo.

And, guess what? You can help find Agent Cooper. Levy will be trying to reach again on his birthday (April 19th, duh). If you’re in New York you should join her at Pete’s Candy Store at 8:30 p.m. There will be pie.