What's it like to watch a character based on you or someone you know in a film?

A user asked on Quora, “What’s it like to watch a character based on you or someone you know in a film?” I’ve always wondered about this and unsurprisingly, this question went mildly viral. Thomas Goodwin answered with seemingly direct knowledge of this experience. He wrote, “My wife is the delightful lead character and I’m the bad guy in the film LIKE CRAZY.” As soon as I read that I totally went “OMG” because this is just like that one episode of How I Met Your Mother where Ted takes a date to a movie, written by his ex-fiance’s husband, which he discovers is about their relationship with Ted cast as a huge jerk who drove his ex-fiance into the loving arms of her now husband.

If you aren’t already familiar, one of the best time sucks on the Internet is Quora. It’s a question-and-answer website that stands out from its competitors for two reasons. One, members must use their real names (Sorry JerseyCh1ck, BroskiFTW, and EAT_ALL_CATS). This loss of privacy on the other hand seems to have a positive correlative impact on the quality of the answers that are provided by its members, many of whom are notable including Stephen Fry, JJ Abrams, Mark Cuban and others. This layer of transparency by not allowing username aliases, verification issues aside, adds credibility to these answers. The overall result is that the site can be incredibly informative and addictive, although to balance sounding like such a homer for Quora, I do want to warn you that the website’s navigation is TERRIBLE.

Other Quora questions and answers that have gone viral include:

What it feels like to be the commanding officer of an aircraft carrier? After her stint acting on the upcoming movie based on a board game BATTLESHIP, Rihanna unfortunately did not jump into this thread.

What do all the controls in an airplane cockpit do? Whatever you do, don’t touch the button that says “Do Not Touch.”

What’s it like to fly on Air Force One? No word on whether there’s a nifty escape pod similar to the one Harrison Ford used in AIR FORCE ONE.

What’s it like to play on the same basketball team as Jeremy Lin? Takeaway: Jeremy Lin is pretty good at Halo (I would destroy him).

Who drives the BMW with the license “VC+E=IPO” in downtown Palo Alto? It’s still not as cool as the guy who drives around wearing his Batman suit in his Lamborghini to deliver toys to sick children in hospitals in the DC area.