Now playing on Sundance Channel: Watery depths edition

TITANIC 3D isn’t the only movie making waves this week (yeah, I said it). Sundance Channel has plenty of wet and wild indie fare you won’t even have to leave home to watch. And while some of it may only be metaphorically oceanic, it’s all pretty deep, man. Make sure to tune in for a killer surf doc and an experiment in improvisation from an indie favorite.

I know it doesn’t make much sense for me to tell you to watch a film, and then post the entire thing right here, but with everyone gearing up for a holiday weekend I thought I’d throw you an early Easter treat. MIRACLE FISH is an Academy Award nominated short from the land down under. It doesn’t deal with actual fish, but with another popular topic these days…bullying. I know, you’re over it, but this tale is brought to you by Blue Tongue Films, the collective best known for the Edgerton Brothers, the 2010 Sundance Winner ANIMAL KINGDOM and the 2012 Sundance opener WISH YOU WERE HERE. By now you have probably guessed that this shit is dark:

MIRACLE FISH Thursday at 9:40P

If you’re upset about HBO canceling Bored To Death then you should definitely tune into THE GIRL UNDER THE WAVES. It’s a very New York story that is almost entirely improvised and features Jonathan Ames as a guy named Jonathan. It that’s your thing then you already know it is and you’ll love it. The movie is so darn indie that there isn’t a trailer, but if you don’t want to wait until Friday you can watch it online over at SundanceNOW.

Need a mind-blowing surf doc to occupy your holiday weekend? Look no further than STEP INTO LIQUID, a tour of Earth’s great surf spots from the same family that brought you ENDLESS SUMMER. So hop on your couch and zone out to some gnarly footage featuring the world’s best surfers as they hit Ireland, Vietnam, Wisconsin, Easter Island and the Cortes Bank:

STEP INTO LIQUID Saturday at 10:45A

This last wave is a metaphor, bro. And a German one at that. So, it obviously has to do with fascism. Director Dennis Gansel (BEFORE THE FALL) presents a German take on the infamous Third Wave experiment. High school teacher Rainer Wenger wants to give his apathetic students a kick in the pants and show them they’re not as far removed from the idea of an autocratic government as they think. So, he turns them into a little fascist army. Guess what? It gets out of hand.

THE WAVE Wednesday at 12:10P

Don’t forget to tune into Sundance Channel tonight (Thursday) at midnight for the premiere of David Lynch’s CRAZY CLOWN TIME music video.