This week's top five trending videos: starting with proof that cats are assholes

Aside from an asshole-y cat, the other videos in this week’s list of top trending clips can be filed under “inspiring” and “tearjerker.” Also, all five videos this week can be found under “how to spend 30 minutes of your time watching something rather than accomplishing that important to-do item you’ve been meaning to do all week long.”

5. Okay I don’t actually think cats are assholes, although you can’t deny that Garfield kind of was. In fact I quite like them having had one myself when I was a kid (RIP Mitzi). However, cats can be kinda jerks and here I submit, if it may please the Internet court, the following video, exhibit A, as evidence.

4. Skateboarding is baffling enough especially with all the seemingly gravity defying flips, kicks, and grinds, but to do it without legs like Italo Romano seems downright magical. Or at least makes me feel further inadequate that I still can’t pull an ollie on my board.

3. I see your microwave and raise you one with this sushi making machine from Japan. “SushiBot” debuted last week at Tokyo’s World Food and Beverage Great Expo, which honestly sounds like one of the best things ever. I’m available to cover this expo next year if any of you would like to cover my expenses.

2. This heartwarming video blew my mind and speaks to the power of music as any Nickelback fan can attest to. I don’t want to spoil too much, but its mind-blowing to witness Henry, a long-time nursing home resident and generally non-responsive, after he starts listening to music from his era.

1. This 9 year old kid used empty boxes from his dad’s auto shop and with some imagination, he created an elaborate arcade shop called “Caine’s Arcade.” The arcade’s most frequent visitor was Nirvan Mullick, who also happened to be a filmmaker and with the power of Facebook and Reddit, Nirvan spawned a flashmob of excited customers who lined up to play at the arcade. The resulting video which captured the moment became a huge hit and the number one most virally spread video of the week.

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