This week in porn

It’s been a busy week for porn:

A recent study in the Netherlands found that for women, watching pornography reduces blood flow to the visual cortex, indicating that their brain has decided that focusing on arousal is more important than fixating on exactly what’s occurring on the screen in front of them (which could be one reason why the book “Fifty Shades of Grey” is such a hit and being dubbed “mommy porn”).

Speaking of women and porn, journalist Jill Bauer and photographer Ronna Gradus premiered their new film, “Sexy Baby: A Documentary About Sexiness and The Cyber Age” — basically about how porn affects women and sex — at the Tribeca Film Festival. Up in Canada, they’ve been focusing on how porn affects men and sex with a program that teaches teenage boys how to deal with the unrealistic images they consume (other smart Canadians agree).

Also in Canada? The Feminist Porn Awards — winners were announced last week (more on that next week!). And even the Canucks who weren’t looking for porn got an eyeful recently when a morning newscast was interrupted by three straight minutes of gay porn.

Speaking of interruptions, we were delighted to hear that revenge porn site Is Anyone Up got taken down — finally! — by anti-bullying site In other takedown news — or at least takedown attempt news — the anti-pornography group The War On Illegal Pornography (WOIP) issued a boycott against discount titan Groupon last week in response to the company’s recent offer for a tour of porn studio’s San Francisco Armory Building. But hey, it’s not like kids could easily sneak into a walk-in tour like this.

Sneaking onto the Internet is another story. And UK Google executive Naomi Gummer ruffled some serious feathers this week when she said it’s not Google’s responsibility to protect kids from porn, it’s the parents’. This contributed to the shit storm of outraged Brits pushing for a do-able opt-in approach when it comes to porn for online technologies.


photo via Flickr