This week's top five trending videos: starring the cat video that made an auteur commit suicide

In this week’s list of the five videos I noticed trending around the digital water cooler, I provide some tips below for aspiring filmmakers or marketers in how to ensure that their videos are a hit. One, include an inflatable superhero costume wherever possible. Two, insert cat into scene.

5. Bob Ross, the soothing artist of The Joy of Painting on PBS who passed away in 1995 has apparently reincarnated as a street artist in Yangon, Myanmar doing flash paintings for tourists. Watch as he creates a fully realized zenful landscape in under 7 minutes or in about the amount of time it takes me to make a bowl of ramen noodle soup. As kitschy as this stuff might be to People Who Take Art Seriously, I’m always impressed at the “wet-on-wet” technique and this artist is pretty good at it. Bravo. That said, y’all have not seen my impressive quick drawing method on Draw Something.

4. So you’re an aspiring filmmaker. An auteur toiling away for months on a short film. Max out credit cards. Call in every favor. And finally. Your masterpiece is complete. Finished. You upload it on YouTube and eagerly await the discovery of the masses whose consciousness will be awaken by your art and message. You hit refresh every minute, every hour, every day. Your video’s YouTube views hover around 95 after five days. A friend emails you with a sympathetic message. “Hey man. Great short! Really enjoyed it. Congrats! Oh, by the way check out this clip of a cat crossing a small bridge over a stream.” You click and start watching. This cat video was uploaded 7 days ago. It has almost 900,000 views already with almost 3,000 likes. You commit suicide.

3. Presented without comment: an inflatable Superman costume. Okay, I can’t not not comment on this video which is absolutely ridiculous and yet had me LOLing. If you’ve been wondering what on earth you’re doing with your life, just watch this video to remind yourself that at least you’re not known as “the guy who wears inflatable costumes” at your 10 year college reunion.

2. I really want to call b.s. (in Japanese) of this news report of a Japanese man, inspired by monkeys, who is the fastest man on all fours. He’s been doing this for over a decade allegedly. This is nonsense or he knows something we don’t about possibly the takeover of our society by apes who turn planet earth into a planet of the apes. Hey! This would be a SWEET premise for a movie. Get me an agent.

1. We’re going to stay in Japan for the number one video of the week. Okay, Internets: You proclaim you love bacon and all things bacon. Well, how do you like a Burger King hamburger with 1,050 strips of bacon in it? If you’re a vegetarian or vegan, don’t get mad at me for this. I’m merely the messenger, er, blogger.

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