The top 10 effed-up sex scenarios of David Lynch

Never let it be said that David Lynch takes sex lightly. To quote the man himself: “Certain aspects of sex are troubling — the way it’s used as power, for instance, or the way it takes the form of perversions that exploit other people.” And those “certain aspects” seem to be the only ones that interest Lynch. In his world, no one ever cracks up in bed after an inopportune fart ruins the moment. But no one has glamorized, Hollywood-ized, unrealistic sex either. “Sex is a doorway to something so powerful and mystical,” Lynch said once, “but movies usually depict it in a completely flat way.” And by “flat” he either means “more fake than a declaration of true love on THE BACHELOR” or else “specializing in female subjugation, exploitation and masochism.” Whatever the case may be, the kind of sex his characters have — and the kind of sex his movies deal with — are best described as simply Lynchian, a term which has been defined as “having the same balance between the macabre and the mundane.” This top 10 list, in chronological order, should help further explain:

10. We bet you think we’re going to talk about the lesbian scene between Naomi Watts and Laura Harring in MULHOLLAND DRIVE (2001). Please — that’s so atypical Lynch. The most startling — and therefore most Lynchian — sexual moment in that film was the solo sex scene with Watts: we’re fond of saying that there’s no wrong way to have sex, but if you’re crying hysterically while masturbating, then we’re pretty sure you’re doing something wrong. Want to recreate that scene? Fly to Paris, get weepy drunk and diddle yourself under one of the tables at Silencio, a nightclub inspired by the movie’s Club Silencio.

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