Texts from Hillary meme becomes self aware

The collective meme mind exploded this afternoon as we learned that the silly, yet insanely popular, “Texts from Hillary” made it on the agenda of, and was brought to the attention of, its star, Hillary Clinton…who you may have heard of. If not, you’re either a moron or just woke up from a 20 year nap, but she’s the Secretary of State and you know, only one of the most powerful people in the world who could crush you with just one text. The founders of Texts from Hillary, Stacy Lambe and Adam Smith, just posted a photo of themselves with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in her office (by her invitation) and she looks as happy to meet them as they are! Furthermore, Stacy and Adam walked away with one of the coolest souvenirs ever (or at least in the opinion of those of us who are attempting singularity with the Interwebs). As seen below, Clinton submitted her own signed submission. The meme has become officially meta. And now I must pick up the pieces of my brain that exploded all over my desk.

*To recap briefly for people that belong to the moronic or epic nap category, the Texts from Hillary website was shared by literally (“literally” is one of my least favorite words but it’s literally true in this case) everyone on their preferred social media outlet. It’s a series of image macros using a boss photo of Hillary on her Blackberry (and wearing dope sunglasses) while on a military plane (bound for Libya) as she engages in text message conversations with everyone from the President to Ryan Gosling.