Spring Adorned

Spring is here in full force. The tulips are out, leaves are budding, and people are wearing very little clothing while exercising outdoors. And where that’s all well and good, it’s really a time to celebrate your bad habits, accessory wise. There are enough services and write-ups to cater to women that can afford couture, chauffeurs, and tennis instructors. But for those of you out there that like to show some skin, while being smart about it—instead of just cheap— or prefer their independent style, here are a few options to accent your looks, in that DIY (Do It while Young) way. Bon primtemps!

Pithy Young Thing: Princess Fancypants may have perfected the elusive combination that is wearable art. This Brooklyn designer hammers racy, post-feminist, and simply fun phrases onto jewelry that speak volumes in a crowded room. Her heart shaped pendants evoke a valentine candy from childhood that read “Bad Monkey, No Banana!” or “Develop Complex Revenge Strategies,” our personal favorite is “I Date Down.” Honesty is the best policy. The handmade feel is an inviting opportunity to get close and engage with one of her quips, though we’re not sure if the reader is ready to have their world rocked. For longer narratives, see her copper post card collection. “Daddy Broke The Horn Off The Unicorn So It Would Feel Like The Other Horses,” gets us every time.

Solid Oak: It seems that from the start of the year we have been inundated with neon colored advertisements mentioning a return to neon as the hot new trend. And we can’t say we hate it, but if you’re not so attention starved that you’ll bling out ‘cause some marketing company strongly suggested it, try everything from OAK’s A-OK line. With embroidered metal cuffs and cross cut mineral necklaces, you’re bound to sexy up a bummy shirt paired with some denim shorts you cut to the point of good taste (hopefully). They also have a small pyrite necklace to be, you know, ironic about gold. Do it while you’re young, or young at heart. Or if you prefer to stick with neon, then by all means buy your purse at Ann Taylor. No need to break the bank on a trend that’ll die by Labor Day.

OMG not OPI: Tie up your outfits this season with a rather incongruous final touch. Deborah Lippmann, yes that woman, must have drank the kool-aid at Hollywood dinner party because she’s starting to think in three dimensions, too. Her latest line of polish is just that, 3D. How? No clue. Fun? For Sure. But if all that industrial light and magic isn’t your bag there’s always the DIY route, may we suggest (and we’re serious) these.