Ron Swanson meets Rorschach

The character of Ron Swanson–the libertarian embodiment of a combination of Davy Crockett, Teddy Roosevelt, John Wayne, and Ayn Rand, who also happens to be the boss on NBC’s Parks and Recreation–has long been a darling of the Internets. The meme factories have had endless fun with image macros of his dogmatic pontifications and life philosophies. Ron outlined this belief system in his Pyramid of Greatness (larger view here) which might have to be considered as a candidate for the pantheon of “Contributions to Humankind” (it’s a sort of Mount Rushmore on a global scale etched into Everest). To put it mildly, some quarters of the Web (aka me) are obsessed. When Aziz Ansari did a popular IAmA on Reddit one Redditor asked “What does Nick Offerman smell like? This is important.” Aziz replied, “This is true. He smells like cappuccinos or something cause he uses these lozenges to stop smoking. It’s kind of warm and comforting. He also eats a lot of bacon and does woodwork stuff just like Ron Swanson. He’s the best.” Mmm…smell of cappuccinos, bacon, and woodwork: How is this not yet a cologne yet?

Of all the memes, I thought “Cats That Look Like Ron Swanson” couldn’t be topped (a link I previously shared here on SUNfiltered), but I think I may have been proven wrong with “Ron Sworschach.” This Tumblr, which merges the idyllic universe of Pawnee with that of the dark and gritty alternate history found in Watchmen, swaps the musings and thoughts of Ron Swanson and the Watchmen’s anti-hero Rorschach. Come on, Rorschach talking about after-dinner omelets? That’s comedy gold right there!

On a side note, if you happen to find yourself in Louisiana, swing by and visit the a real life doppelgänger of Ron Swanson. Just be sure to bring some bacon as a peace offering to him.