Now playing on Sundance Channel: Real, animated and forgotten violence

It’s sexy fight time! Need we say more? This week on Sundance Channel we’ve got every college dude’s favorite movie, a look at a look at the sexual phenomenon of “dogging”, and a martial arts spectacular. That’s all sexy and fun, but we also want to keep you grounded, so stick around for a novel approach to documentary storytelling, too.

Plotwise, THE RESTLESS is about an ancient, Korean, demon hunter who winds up in some strange sort of purgatory after he tries to save a town from a spirit invasion. What you really need to know, however, is that it’s a crazy, martial arts/fantasy/love story. It turns out Korean warrior purgatory is a really strange place. All of the dead people you once knew (while they were alive) are there, but nobody remembers you. You can watch a trailer with English subtitles here, but the Korean version is so much better. There isn’t much dialogue and it’ll definitely give you a better idea of the stunning visuals you’re in for:

THE RESTLESS Thursday at midnight

We all know the first rule of FIGHT CLUB and we all know you want to watch it again, so let’s move on:

Can you believe it came out in 1999? Look how young Brad Pitt and Edward Norton are! I’m guessing David Fincher looked a lot younger, too.
FIGHT CLUB Saturday at 10P

Do you know what dogging is? If not, you are probably not English, because across the pond everybody knows that it means doing it in public, generally in a parking lot (“car park”) or on a backroad. Doggers generally keep the lights on in the car so passers-by can check out the action. They’ve also been known to flash their headlights to get your attention. Anyway, PUBLIC SEX is a charming little story about a guy trying to make it as a journalist who thinks that an expose on dogging is his ticket to fourth estate glory. The film was called DOGGING: A LOVE STORY in England, but released as PUBLIC SEX here. That meant searching the Internet for a trailer got interesting:

Anyway, despite all of the dogging, it really is a love story.
PUBLIC SEX Saturday at midnight

For those of us who love docs and animated films, WALTZ WITH BASHIR was a rare treat. It’s also a gut-wrenching chronicle of writer/director Ari Folman’s wrestling match with his memory over his role in the 1982 Lebanon War:

WALTZ WITH BASHIR introduced audiences to a new way of exploring the role of memory in documentaries. While you are watching, think of how different this movie would be if Folman went the more traditional route. Then write me a five page essay on it.