Top 10 Reasons to re-watch FIGHT CLUB

It’s worth asking again – who exactly is re-watching TITANIC? Apparently everyone, since it’s currently number 3 at the box office (btw, this centennial thing is getting completely out of hand). It makes perfect sense though; films truly worth re-watching are cult films, and TITANIC has definitely become one of those. As has David Fincher’s anti-establishment opus FIGHT CLUB. The 1999 film achieved cult status and more – it’s become a cultural touchstone of both male buffoonery and thoroughly artful storytelling. A story rife with psychological parables and higher thinking, not to mention some pretty hard-boiled violence, this was definitely a worthy entry in a year that included releases like MAGNOLIA, BEING JOHN MALKOVITCH and AMERICAN BEAUTY.

Yep, Tyler Durden is definitely going to be on our asses… we’ve clearly been breaking the First Two Rules of Fight Club. But without further ado, the Top 10 Reasons to Re-watch FIGHT CLUB are:

10. David Fincher was a genius then, and now..

Watching Fincher’s obsessive-compulsive growth as a director through SE7EN, THE GAME and this treat reminds you just how unfair it was that THE KING’S SPEECH stole so many awards from last year’s (rightful) favorite, THE SOCIAL NETWORK, notably in the Best Director category. Sure, awards are political and people get “career Oscars”. Guess what “David Fincher” career deserves an Oscar. FIGHT CLUB remains both his grandest homage and biggest “fuck you” to Hollywood.

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YOU can watch FIGHT CLUB on Sundance Channel this Saturday at 10P or Sunday at 7:30P.