Putting a face on the homophobic bile of #tomyunbornchild

Who would have thought the Middle American, saccharine sweet hashtag #tomyunbornchild would be co-opted into a trending hate topic. But that’s kind of the ironic danger of the Internet. At its core, the online world is an adult playground. And sometimes adults act like terrible mean spirited monsters bent on hurting strangers because, oh I don’t know, someone didn’t love them enough when they were young, they can’t score a date, or they’re just afraid of anything different. Whatever the senseless and irrational motivation to spread hate, there are still mature people around town, and online, trying to curb ill-intentioned behavior. A virtual neighborhood watch, as it were.

Seeing as the original writers were going to enjoy their anonymity, Charlotte Moore and her friends put a face to the hate. The dialogue in the homespun PSA was ripped directly from tweets, and honestly it’s so immature, hostile, and ugly that we don’t need to repeat it here. What is worth mentioning is the bravery in the public act by a group of individuals, who seem to be acting out of social responsibility and not as apart of some political group, took up to curb this pathetic behavior.

Charlotte and her friend’s PSA is effective because their intention was so simple. They wanted to put a stop to the aggressive and mean spirited behavior online that is rampant and more often than not goes unchecked. Most of us didn’t grow up being taught, in the 21st century, that if we participate in social communities online, we are in effect virtual citizens, and have a level of responsibility to these communities and its members. But the instinct and manners are already ingrained in us because of our offline lives. So if you’re not going to get up on a soapbox somewhere downtown and preach hate, how is it cool to behave this way online? To me this falls under the hashtag #sonotdisco.

“We can’t stop anyone from having kids. But we can resolve to stop this toxic cycle,” said Moore. So kudos to Charlotte et co. for having the gumption and sense of duty to quell the anonymous and aggressive drivel trending about the internet. If you’re not going to own it in reality, don’t try and bum everyone out online. Totally.