Morgan Spurlock's new doc, MANSOME

Tickets go on sale today for Morgan Spurlock’s new documentary, MANSOME, as part of the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival — but only for American Express cardholders (Amex is a founding sponsor of the festival). The rest of you plebes can order tickets next Monday for the screenings which start on Saturday, April 21st and run through the following week. Then the film hits the rest of New York and also Los Angeles on May 18th.

According to the film’s website, MANSOME is “a hilarious look at men’s identity in the 21st century. Models, actors, experts and comedians weigh in on what it is to be a man in a world where the definition of masculinity has become as diverse as a hipster’s facial hair in Williamsburg. The hilarious follicles of men’s idiosyncratic grooming habits are thoroughly combed over as men finally take a long hard look in the mirror.”

It’s executive produced by actors/comedians Will Arnett and Jason Batemen, whose day at the spa — complete with facials and pedis — is woven throughout the film, along with deep thoughts (and deep cleansing rituals?) from Paul Rudd, Zach Galifianakis, Adam Carolla, Judd Apatow and of course Spurlock’s own fu manchu. There’s bound to be some funny stuff, ideally a little more clever than “Does this mani make me less of a man?” But we’re hoping the interviews with more serious thinkers, like cultural anthropologist Dr. Helen Fisher, will give the film a twinge of gravitas and answer some more serious questions, such as “What has the metro-sexualization of men done for equality between the sexes?” and “How much of the male grooming industry has simply been a push market from beauty prod manufacturers just looking to double their profits?” and “What happens to society when both genders spend so much time worrying about the way they look?”

Hopefully, the answers aren’t “Not much,” “All of it” and “You get Fox News, secret drone attacks with impunity, and THE JERSEY SHORE.”