Neon theater marquees–An Americana of the mind

Brightly lit marquee theaters in cities and towns, large and small, have long held a central presence as a place for the community to come together to enjoy shows, plays and movies. Urban revitalization projects aside, many of these theaters are now endangered due to a host of factors. The impact is, as The Atlantic noted, “As they become more rare, old marquees have taken on a deeper cultural meaning, frequently serving as visual anchors for a street or cultural district.” As a visual reminder of how sweet some of these theaters are, The Atlantic compiled a photo gallery of some of “North America’s most distinctive theater marquees” which are a treat for the classy discerning eye that I know is possessed by all readers of SUNfiltered.

This topic also got me thinking. Someone should compile a video supercut or screenshots of theater marquees, both real or set built, that have appeared in various films. It’d be so meta.