Naked news: the agony and ecstasy of Charlize Theron

The ladies got a rough deal this week, what with never being taken outside to play as little girls, being left behind by the Right, being told they don’t care about contraception, and getting spit on yet again by Tucker Max and PETA. Fortunately, Charlize Theron got some aggression out (on tape) on behalf of all womankind:

* A widening gender gap has the ladies lining up with Obama over Romney. Hmmm, wonder why?

* The Governor of South Carolina says “women don’t care about contraception” — and this is a female governor.

* April is STD Awareness month!

* A new study shows parents are less likely to take little girls outside to play — they might ruin their baby-mani’s.

* Sex columnist Dan Savage’s new TV show “Savage U” premiered on MTV this week.

* Tucker Max offers 500K to Planned Parenthood, they say thanks but no thanks, he cries like a baby about it.

* Then PETA keeps it ever classy by offering to take Tucker Max’s money in exchange for a mobile spay-and-neuter truck with Max’s name, likeness and the tagline “Fix Your Bitches.” We’ll never get why it’s not okay to treat animals poorly but women are fair game.

* The best thing about Charlize Theron’s “hacked” kinky sex tape is the fact that the song from the tuck scene in SILENCE OF THE LAMBS is playing in the background.

photo via Flickr