How some parents ruined Easter for their kids

For most kids, Easter was a joyous weekend that could rival Christmas for its delivery of gifts in the form of a bounty of candy. For a few, however, Easter wound up a horrifying, and possibly scarring event. Take, for example, these kids in Sacramento who witnessed a dancing Easter Bunny get decapitated. Hope the parents had fun explaining that. Similarly how do you explain to your kids that the mall Easter Bunny that they just took a photo with was arrested for illegal possession of narcotics?

Even the wholesome Muppets can’t provide a safe refuge for all kids during this holiday as seen in this Easter special where to the song of “Stand By Me,” one hungry Muppet lures and eats cute bunnies. Its been around for awhile with over 5 million views on YouTube, but if you haven’t seen it, it’s definitely worth your time: the video is delightfully disturbing.

Easter was ruined for me, as well. And you can blame Jake Gyllenhaal for that. To be more accurate, the moodiest sci-fi film ever DONNIE DARKO ruined it because of that demonic rabbit in the film which was truly the stuff of nightmares. The antidote to all this Easter horror was provided on the Internet over the weekend by this photo.