Hey Arizona, check out this male seahorse giving birth

The seahorse is the only male creature — outside of Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 1994 movie JUNIOR — that gets knocked up, and as such has become something of a mascot to us in our line of work. Especially as women’s reproductive rights are increasingly under attack. But until someone forwarded this video to us, we had never actually seen a male seahorse give birth. It’s pretty mind-blowing and kind of, well, sexual. Ejaculatory, even.

This particular seahorse was seized by customs in the U.K. and then adopted by an aquarium. The video shows his breathing getting faster and his contractions becoming increasingly violent until he pops out hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds of perfectly formed little seahorses. He drops to the floor, exhausted, and only seconds later, momma seahorse shows up, ready to deposit another few thousand eggs. It’s kind of like living in Arizona.