Green tech finds: the Earth Week edition

Thinking about gardening this weekend for Earth Day? Or disposing of that old computer responsibly? We’ve got information you’ll want as you celebrate the planet this week.

Need to relocate your garden into a sunny spot?: Or have an older relative who loves to garden, but has trouble bending over to dig in the dirt? The Garden on Wheels (above) works in both of these situations – it’s also a great solution for the urbanite with limited gardening space. (via Treehugger)

The energy-efficient dairy farmer gets more milk: Well, maybe, anyway – a study from the University of Oklahoma that was focused on energy savings on farms found that the cows also produced about 6% more milk when barns used LED lighting. (via smartplanet)

Like to exercise with others? The WeBike is exercise and power-production equipment designed more for the coffee shop than the gym. Have a seat, visit with a friend, and charge your phone with pedal power. (via Earth Techling)

Green building for Haitian orphans: Lots of kids in Haiti found themselves without parents after the 2010 earthquake. Project Haiti is a green building project that hopes to serve these kids’ needs in an clean, energy-efficient building. (via The Green Schoolhouse Series)

Bike rental goes social: Need a bike for a few hours? Spinlister provides a centralized location for finding one for rental from either a bike shop or an individual. This new service is only available in New York and San Francisco right now. (via City Atlas)

Cleveland Indians give experimental wind turbine a try: Indians fans will get to check out the latest in wind turbine design this season – a “40-foot-high, 18-foot-wide helix turbine” designed locally by a professor at Cleveland State University.

Got electronics to recycle?: Your options opened up a bit more this week. HP and Staples announced a new electronics recycling program that allows drop-off of any e-waste at Staples stores. (via GreenTech Pastures)

If you’ve dedicated some of your Earth Week to finding the latest in green technology, share what you’ve found with us.


Image credit: Screen capture from Garden on Wheels video