Watch David Lynch's CRAZY CLOWN TIME right here & on Sundance Channel

What has David Lynch been up to lately? Collaborating an animated short with Interpol, directing a live-streamed concert for Duran Duran and making an album of his own. If you were David Lynch, and you recorded an album, who would you hire to make your first music video? I’d hire David Lynch.

And it looks as though our favorite auteur took my advice. Lynch calls his video for Crazy Clown Time “an intense psychotic backyard craziness, fueled by beer”. Or, as I would like to believe, an average Thursday night in Lynch’s backyard.

Noisey has the video online, and you can check it out above. But, for more Lynchian insanity, tune into Sundance Channel on Thursday at midnight for the television premiere. Trust me, it’s not every day you get to see this kind of madness on TV. Until then, we’ll be sharing some of our favorite Lynch moments and stories right here, on SUNfiltered.