Now playing on Sundance Channel: Back to a better era of men in drag

Last week we featured FIGHT CLUB and now Brad Pitt is engaged. What’s going to happen to Dustin Hoffman after we all watch TOOTSIE on Sunday? He needs some good news after they cancelled Luck, so fingers crossed! We’ve also got a Japanese horror classic, a French student prostitution romp and the indie dream combo of Bernal and Williams.

JU-ON is one of the most acclaimed Asian horror films of all time. Remember when Hollywood kept on remaking Asian horror movies for American audiences? And remember how they were never as good as the originals? Well, JU-ON became THE GRUDGE with Buffy, I mean Sarah Michelle Gellar. If you’ve ever found the perfect house or apartment at a price that is too good to believe…watch JU-ON (or at least this trailer) before you sign that lease or pony up a down payment:

You don’t need to speak Japanese to find that pretty scary. Nevertheless, we will provide subtitles.
JU-ON (aka THE GRUDGE) Thursday at midnight

Pretty, French student can’t pay her bills. Pretty, French student decides to have sex with men for money to make ends meet. Pretty, French student can’t believe she is a prostitute:

Apparently tens of thousands of French students supplement their income through prostitution. Me? I worked in a computer lab.
STUDENT SERVICES Saturday at midnight

Sure, I could use this space to talk about how trailers were just so much better in the early 80s:

Director Sydney Pollack plays Hoffman’s agent and narrates the damn thing! Anyway, while the plot may seem trite today (out-of-work actor dons drag to prove everybody wrong), TOOTSIE was a blockbuster that actually managed to entertain while digging into how sexist American society, and the entertainment industry, was (and, come to think of it, still is). They don’t make movies where the leading man dresses up like a lady like they used to.
TOOTSIE Sunday at 11A and 10P

Gael García Bernal plus Michelle Williams should equal indie bliss, but people seem to have really strong reactions to Lukas Moodysson’s MAMMOTH. The story of a successful couple, interwoven with the backstories of those they interact with, was supposed to be an exploration of globalization. But, a lot of people found it sexist. You should judge for yourself:

Oh yeah, this is another reminder that my husband is never allowed to go to Thailand without me. If the movies are any indication, that’s never a good idea.
MAMMOTH Wednesday at 8P