Top 10 reasons to love Awkward Black Girl

So what happens when you come up with an idea for a web series that stars a woman, addresses the dearth of television shows about people of color, and makes viewers scream with joy as they think “so smart!”? Well, if you’re Issa Rae, you win a Shorty Award for Best Web Series…and then you’re inundated with racist attacks on Twitter. But if Kim K. can hold her ground in that realm, we’re sure the creator of The Mis-Adventures of Awkward Black Girl, can too. And if you haven’t seen the show yet, here are ten reasons why you need to play catch up. Right now.

10. Culturally Insensitive Bosses

We’ve all had a boss that’s completely oblivious to their political incorrectness. But actually, they miss social cues because it’s more convenient. Cultural propriety and social progression just get in their way of having fun. And that’s not fair. Be it gender, sexual orientation, or racial differences, they’ll put their foot in their mouth, at your expense for sure.

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