A bag to die for–Mulberry dedicates some leather to Lana Del Rey

If the English know how to do one thing, it’s hop on a trend, and that is far from bad. With their rich history and culture to draw from, that they’ve become adept at juxtaposing the old with the ingénue to make something utterly new and exciting. There isn’t a better example of this than Mulberry. Under the inspired watch of Emma Hill, the company has elevated itself to become one of the most sought after accessory lines in fashion, using some of today’s emerging talents as inspiration. This season’s muse is none other than Video Games chanteuse, Lana Del Rey.

Elle magazine’s website was quick to note that Mlle Del Rey was the “least established star for which a luxury good had been named after.” Too true, let alone media tested. It is difficult to imagine Lana on par with other classic women of our time, like Jane Birkin and her eponymous purse that, to this day, still carries a wait list to acquire. So what is the drive here? This is not Mulberry’s first foray into celebrity synergy. Their Alexa bag, named after the British model cum television host—cum occasional designer for Madewell—Alexa Chung is the house’s best selling bag ever. (Cheers Alexa, you’re super pretty.) But even she had the celebrity CV to enrage most starlets. (Ciao again, Alexa.)

It is worth noting that the debut of the Del Rey bag during London’s Fashion Week caused quite a stir, as did Lana’s performance at the after party. And the company has been inundated with requests for the bag, so much so that it decided to release the Del Rey to select boutiques this month. A full month before it’s original release date. So what is Emma Hill once again seeing that most others don’t? The bag has a classic shape, almost utilitarian, but constructed in supple skins for a lux feel, natch. According to Mulberry’s website, Lana possesses an Old Hollywood style mixed with an irreverent sense of fun, and mystique.

Well if by mystique one mean rumors of being romantically linked to Guns n Roses’ front man, Axl Rose, or as the subject of the worst SNL performance debate (how quick we forget Ashlee Simpson) then by all means she is mysterious. But in the 21st Century it’s not how you garner buzz it’s how you wear it. Say what you want about Lana, her style has been flawless in the public eye, and her feminine air is beyond reproach. Looks like Emma cut through the fat once again and got to the heart of the matter. Which is why Mulberry will continue its reign as queen amongst the bold and the beautiful.