Where is the Truax movie? The logging industry's response to THE LORAX

You, ma’am and sir, are lying if you said you predicted the opening weekend success of Dr. Seuss’ THE LORAX which debuted over the weekend with a strong $70.2 million at the box office. As we pointed out earlier, the film’s marketers had to find a delicate balance between doing their job and the story’s green message of environmentalism. Whether or not they succeeded is debatable, but the numbers “70″ and “millions” made some people really happy. As MSNBC reports:

…the Lorax speaks for the trees. In the marketing for Universal Pictures’ new movie, the titular character speaks for Mazda. And Comcast. And IHOP. The Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood has taken the studio to task for its dozens of Lorax tie-ins, labeling the promotions “cynical and hypocritical.”

All of this is a segue to my following “Did you know?” segment: Did you know that in response to the success of Dr. Seuss’ book, “the forest products industry published Truax in 1995 to teach kids the importance of logging?” Makes you feel all warm and cozy, doesn’t it? I hope this children’s book which was a surprise best seller last year gets adapted next for the big screens.

Here are six other books that were written in response to other children’s books, including another Dr. Seuss book (Can you guess which?).

[Via Mental Floss]