This week's top 5 trending videos

Here are 5 distractions to take your mind off the fact that yes, there are people who listen to Santorum’s rhetoric and think “Yup! I agree with this man and he should lead us to the promised land.”

5. BrodieSmith21, the guy famous on YouTube for uploading his trick ultimate frisbee tosses, connects with a pole vaulter on a frisbee throw (you can look a little more enthusiastic). Count Andrew Sullvian and me as two people impressed with this effort. Will you be the third? If you like this, then check out my recap last year about the “trick shot” trend on YouTube.

4. A line absolutely owned by Danny Glover, but here’s a supercut of wannabes uttering the line “I’m too old for this shit” (and variations thereof). I may or may not have uttered this phrase myself last weekend after a night out with my friends Johnnie, Jack, and Patròn.

3. To promote his upcoming new film CASA DE MI PADRE, a spoof of telenovelas and cheesy Westerns, Will Ferrell showed up on Jimmy Kimmel Live. The entire interview between the host and actor was conducted in Spanish (with English subtitles) which, as Kimmel said (in halting Spanish), would “confuse, disappoint, and possibly offend much of their Latino audience.” Since I know none of us watch these late night shows anymore live (or at least that’s what market researchers tell us about “our viewing habits”), you can see the (funny) interview online here.

2. Along with dolphins, penguins must hire some of the best publicists in the animal kingdom because their reputation in the adoring eyes of humans is nearly impeccable, but as this clip demonstrates, they can be kind of pricks, at least to one another.

Anyway, after viewing all five of my recommended videos in this entry and you’re still bored, then make your way over to the live penguin cam at San Diego’s SeaWorld.

1. This video of a red panda playing with a pumpkin in the snow is about the cutest damn thing I’ve ever seen. It was uploaded last summer but has gained traction this past week on the intertubes. Just when you think you’ve seen all the cute animal videos, this energetic, exuberant, excited red panda proves how wrong you are. Although this video counters with evidence that despite their cute appearance, they, like the penguin above, can be kind of assholes.

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