Top 10 most unrealistic sex scenes of all time

Movies are all about imagination, fantasy, suspension of disbelief — especially when it comes to their sex scenes. But the mind is capable of only so much mental gymnastics before it goes “Nuh uh.” If the sex in question — or any aspect of the movie, really — doesn’t have enough believability, we’re taken out of the experience, much in the same way an unfortunate bodily emission can kill even the most passionate mood. Here are the worst cinematic offenders of all time:

10. On the beach in FROM HERE TO ETERNITY (1953)
In Hollywood, beaches are sultry spots just begging to be screwed on. In real life — or in the excellent spoof of FROM HERE TO ETERNITY in the movie AIRPLANE — you’re more likely to get knocked flying by a wave, draped in seaweed, and forcibly given a sand enema by Poseiden. Runner up: SWEPT AWAY (2002), because the only thing that goes better with sand is sexual subjugation.

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