The Fall '12 fashion report: Taxidermy and cardigan edition

It’s really hard not to think of February and early March as two four-letter words in the Northern Hemisphere with cold, damp, and dark atmosphere (well, usually). Luckily this is also when the fashion world engages in its semi annual, month long parade of what’s in, what works, what has been cast to the wayside. Fortunately ready-to-wear, mixed with a healthy dash of alternative modes of expression, is a total cure-all to S.A.D. Let’s forgo the conventional here and get to the good stuff. Following are some of the wittier call outs from the runways. Catch up.

Vivienne Westwood: The doyenne of punk fashion has been giving us extreme, transgressive fashion that undermines the establishment, while preserving your sexy. So it’s only fitting that Vivvy take the most banal staple of apparel, the cardigan and blow it out of proportion to make something new and sexy (there’s that word again). Cardigan onesie jumpsuit in flesh tones? Sure thing.

Jeremy Scott: Jeremy is, and will always be, an agent of provocation. Eschewing conventional notions of taste, and pushing ready to wear into the some tackier realms of pop culture. This season’s memes included Bart Simpson and emoticons. If that weren’t enough, there’s a rainbow fur chubby made of human hair. And it’s fabulous.

Jean-Charles de Castlebajac: Avian was a strong theme to say the least this season, but leave it to a master, commes monsieur Castlebjac, to take a motif to a superbly macabre level. Saturated colors juxtaposed with black and white prints, raven feathers, why not? Should you desire to express the more domineering feelings that stew within anyone who has recently braved public transportation, and want to take it out at a night, buy this.

Iris Schieferstein: Art and fashion are never far apart, and for this German artist. So if you have the chutzpah or the ephemeral desire to prance around town like a fawn, or say, on the wings of a dove, get your paws on a pair of her shoes. To heck with PETA, this is a political statement!

Gareth Pugh: Buy everything.