Switcheroo, a photo series

photo “Mish & Colin” from the series Switcheroo by Sincerely Hana

“Sincerely Hana” is a self-taught photographer raised in Whistler and currently living in Vancouver, Canada. On her website, she’s got an ongoing project called Switcheroo: dual portraits of two people each — almost always one man and one woman — standing side by side. The second image of each pair of shots has the two people swapping positions and clothes. We’re not quite sure what the point is. Is it some commentary on stifling gender roles, on the power of fashion, on power dynamics in relationships…? The main thing we take away from it is that women, by far, have more freedom in what they can get away with wearing. But even if you don’t “get it,” the project is still super fun to look at. You can email her at sincerelyhana@gmail.com if you live in the Vancouver area and are interested in doing a Switcheroo. She’ll also be in Austin on March 12-17 and LA/Palm Springs on April 13-20.

You can view a TON more on Sincerely Hana’s website.