Slingshots and the cosmos: This week's top 5 trending videos

It’s Friday and that means you don’t REALLY want to be doing work, so let me provide you with a short respite with these five videos that I saw trending throughout the week.

5. The video about why viral videos goes viral…goes viral. Of course having the title “YouTube Trends Manager” might have something to do with that. Delivered at TED, Kevin Allocca gave this interesting short talk about the nature of viral videos and what makes them go viral. A lot of his points seems obvious to me, but then again that’s because I am actually one with the Web (I should legally change my name to World Wide Matt).

4. This is like something that could have been an episode of Mythbusters. I don’t have proof other than their word, but these bros built the “world’s largest slingshot” or what Dennis the Menace would refer to as “I MUST HAVE THAT.”

3. I’m glad it appears she’s gotten her life relatively together (which I gather from her minimal appearances on TMZ and the like) but this video of Britney Spears’ face morphing from her youth to present is a good reminder of the cost of fame, Kevin Federline, and fedoras.

2. This video goes from heartbreaking to uplifting as local local at Arraial do Cabo help rescue a bunch of dolphins that become stranded on the beach. In a reminder that there are still real a**holes in this world, this video has 47 “dislikes.” This is also a good place for me, a documentary buff, to proselytize about THE COVE. It’s an eye opening film about Japan’s dolphin hunting community. It’s a must watch.

1. The coolest scientist in the world, Neil DeGrasse Tyson gives his mind-blowing answer to the question “What is the most astounding fact you can share about the universe?” I’m also loving the music that this YouTuber selected to accompany Tyson’s response.

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