SAFETY NOT GUARANTEED gets an awesome, official trailer

Well, looky here! Sundance fave SAFETY NOT GUARANTEED has an official trailer. And a peek at the film’s website indicates a June release. We previewed the Aubrey Plaza/Mark Duplass vehicle back before the festival and hung out with the cast in the studio.

The reviews were pretty good out at the festival and everybody at SXSW seemed to love it too. In case you forgot the premise, the film is based on an actual classified ad that once ran in Backwoods Magazine. While that ad was a fake, in SAFETY it’s an actual plea for a time travel partner. Duplass plays the time traveller and Plaza plays an intern the magazine uses to get to the bottom of the story.

Summertime is the perfect time for a time travel flick. You don’t even need to travel that far through time to get there. In fact, you can play it safe and just wait it out by watching Meet the Filmaker with SAFETY NOT GUARANTEED director Colin Trevorrow: