Green tech finds: the orangutan edition

If they’re in the wild, you can count them with a drone. If they’re in a zoo, you can give ‘em an iPad. Monkey business and more in this week’s green tech finds.

Wash your own diapers and grow your own soap: Cloth diapers have big environmental advantages, but they also require a lot more effort than disposables. The Swish is a diaper washing system that not only runs on solar power, but also uses greywater to grow soapnuts. (via Earthtechling and @crispgreen)

Drones vs. deforestation: Unmanned aircraft aren’t just for blowing up bad guys. Zurich-based scientists have used seed money from the National Geographic Society, The Orangutan Conservancy, and the Denver Zoo to create a conservation drone that they’ve used to map deforestation and count orangutans. (via Treehugger)

Wind-powered Legos: Nope, it’s not a new kit; rather, the company that owns the iconic toy brands has bought 1/3 of an offshore wind farm in order to power itself with green energy. (via Grist)

Orangutans love their iPads: The Milwaukee County Zoo has discovered that primates love David Attenborough, and enjoy playing with musical instrument apps on an iPad. Zookeepers gave three orangutans an old model of the tablet computer as part of ongoing efforts to understand how primate brains work. (via @goodworldgames)

The Solar Decathlon a waste?: I love the Solar Decathlon home building competition, but I get John Carey’s argument that the funding and energy that goes into these display homes might be better spent creating real energy-efficient housing for people going without as a result of the economic downturn (via @SpinnakerLEED)

The upcycling app: Got stuff you don’t want, but that could be useful to a crafter or artist who makes useful items out of junk? The CORA App, currently under development, will help you find these folks easily. If you really want to get your hands on this one soon, consider contributing to the project’s Kickstarter campaign. (via Shareable)

“Gamification” the key to sustainable behavior?: It’s a clunky word, but “gamifying” green behaviors through social media seems to make them much more appealing. (via @terracycle)

Got any green tech finds this week? Monkeys or not, share them with us below.


Image credit: ucumari via photopin cc