Occupy Brooklyn's rooftops! with gardens

While the Occupy movement has made a lasting impression on American (and even global) political discourse, its had a pretty limited impact on the permanent physical environments in which it operates: activists have focused more on building community in the abstract sense vs. the built, physical sense. That could change somewhat this Spring as Occupy Wall Street’s Sustainability Working Group moves from the business of providing energy for encampments to addressing food poverty in New York City. The group, in partnership with EcoStation:NY, has launched a fundraising campaign for a rooftop farm project in Brooklyn.

The details are a bit sketchy right now, but according to the project’s WePay page and a short post at Inhabitat, plans include 12,000 square feet of rooftop growing space networked throughout the bourough, along with “a mobile education lab, [and] monthly skillshare and workshop events.” The project will focus on the Bushwick neighborhood, where rampant poverty and lack of access to fresh produce are the norm.

Assuming the project moves forward, it would join Brooklyn Grange, Gotham Greens, Eagle Street Rooftop Farm, and others in Brooklyn. Time to open a farmers market at Coney Island, perhaps?

While some may think of such a project as a stretch for a movement seemingly focused on economic inequality, it’s hard to think of a better concrete example of this disparity than access to fresh, healthy food. If you know more about this project, or decide to kick in a few bucks to help it out, let us know.


Image credit: Your Secret Admiral via photopin cc